Friday, April 29, 2011

my princess

This morning at 6am I was awake watching Prince William make Kate Middleton into Princess Katherine. On my lap was my own princess. I woke her up early so that she could see a real fairy tale unfold before her 4 year old eyes. We sat quietly with our cups of tea, occasionally making comments about the fabulous hats and the general splendor of it all. After it was all said and down we slipped slowly into the rest of the day. We didn't hop up and jump into making breakfast or getting dressed, we meandered a bit. We did eat and get dressed... eventually. We let the rest of the family wake up and add their own quirks and joys into the pleasant morning mix we had already created. It was a nice calm beautiful morning. The morning an average girl became a princess. Fairy tales.

All the talk of princesses and princes continued as we packed up the car and headed out for a Costco run. My favorite point in the conversation was when Zaya asked me, "Is Princess Kate going to live in at Disney World?" Hahaha! I love her!
The conversation continued:
Me: No, sweetheart, she is a princess in England and the other princesses are Disney princesses. One day you will get to have a wedding and dress up like a princess.
Zaya: I'm going to be a real princess, like you. You are the princess and daddy is the prince of Georgia. When Bean and I get married we'll be the prince and princess of Georgia... or Marietta.

If any one on this earth is NOT a princess, its me. If anyone on this earth, is GOING to be a real princess, its Zaya. I love her, there are not enough words...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nanny 911

Ok, so there is this show on TV called Nanny 911 and another one called super nanny and its basically a show of people who did a ferocious job of raising some pretty ferocious kids. In this show it shows parents having to drag their kids up stairs and put them in bed all the while they're screaming, cursing (using words that I never knew until high school), kicking and being terrible.Let me say that you have ALWAYS been a picture of perfection when it come to going to sleep. You fall asleep easy by yourself, you have since you were like 6 weeks old, you like your room, you like the whole 'bed time routine', you're just easy when it comes to sleeping. So that leads me to judging other parents, who don't have such model children, a little to harshly. I think to myself, why don't the discipline their kids, why can't bed time be fun, and a myriad of other questions. But remember you were perfect because of you, not us.

Anyway, all of this to say, lately you have enjoyed getting up, turning your light on, opening your door and laughing at the top of the stairs. I've seen super nanny, I know that I need to be strict and tell you sternly that it is bed time and put you back into bed, but nights like tonight I just had to smile at you, giggle a little and walk you back into the room for some prayers. I don't think I'm creating a monster but it gives me more compassion for those other parents because their issues may have started from from just wanting so much to love on their children that disciple was put on the shelf. There are worse things out there. Now on your second adventure out of your room, I usually have to tell you that I don't want to see you until in the morning and in your usual, compliant way, you stay in your room until the next day. You are a huge source of joy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sick days :(

Hey baby girl,

You've been extra cuddly lately... I think its because you don't feel super awesome. You and your bro have had unending colds for over three weeks Seriously You had a couple days over Thanksgiving where you felt normal but then it was back with a vengeance I feel so bad for y'all but your attitudes have been great... for the most part:) I love it that you want to be in my lap 24/7 because typically you would rather be off doing your own thing. So we've been reading lost of books and taking pictures and then looking at them (you love it). I wish I could just hold you for ever. I mean, I know you're going to grow up, because I see it everyday, but I want you to be my little princess forever. As you're getting older, you do funnier and funnier things. Like right now you're into doors and lights so I hear doors slamming constantly and our house has become a dance party equipt with strobe lights. I don't mind it too much except for when I'm cleaning one of bean horrible diapers and you close the door and turn of the lights and I'm in the dark with poop and a boy who is impossible to keep still. It is a recipe for disaster

I wish I had this blog page with me 24/7... probably by the time you read this it will be a reality... there are so many things you do in the course of a day that I just want you to know that I love about you. You are so chatty and you've started the 'whys' and you have the greatest little expressions that keep me laughing all the time. Tonight before dinner when I was in the throws of trying to get everything finished at the same time and get it on the plate I heard you in the living room with Bean and you were saying, 'lets crawl, Bean', and then you came around the corner of the kitchen laughing with a laughing Bean right behind you. You take such good care of him and I know you love him very much.

We have a new morning tradition. Each day when we Bean takes his morning nap, you and I do some house work and then we relax with a lovely cup of tea. We set out our nice tea cups and tea pot (from your great grandma Ruth) and I put out our sugar and milk (we're very European) and then you and I just sit and have tea and talk about silly things that you do or about plans for our day. It is really fun for me but I think you're just in it for the sugar:) Its great for us to have these little moments just the two of us because we don't get that much any more. This sunday, I'm taking you to see your friends (they're teenagers) in a ballet and we're going to dress up and have tons of fun... we may even go by starbucks on the way:) After that we're going to meet daddy and bro at a Christmas party at Mr. Steve and Mrs. Randall's house. Mrs. Randall to the picture of you on this page and you look amazing When she took this pic it was WAY past your bed time but daddy and I kept you out late but you were a champion I mean no fussing, no crying, nothing... you were delightful Your daddy and I were so proud:)

Speaking of daddy... he loves you so much I know you won't remember this time in your life but I want you to know that your daddy adores you and his favorite time of the day is coming in from work and seeing his beautiful babies. Right now you're in a weird little phase and you don't like hugging daddy all the time and I can see that it breaks his heart but he's patient and he just waits for his chances to love on you. He would do anything for you. You truly are his little angel and every night before he goes to bed I hear him open your door and he just looks at you. I know he wants to know that you're warm and safe but I think that in his heart he wants to pick you up and tell you that he loves you. He's a great guy and one day you'll know how great. God made him extra special, just like He made you extra special. He created each of us for each other and I love that God gave me your daddy, you and Bean, I don't know what I'd ever do with out y'all I love you little bug and I have GOT TO GO TO BED Its after mid-night... I'm so wild with my late-night blogging You are my sweet, sweet baby girl.

Some fun pics:


at the park:


Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hey there Princess!
Today was a very fun Saturday and we got to spend quite a bit of quality time together:) We went to Starbucks first thing this morning and met Gigi there, you had a little vanilla latte and most of Gigi's pastry (and you already had breakfast before we left-heehee!). We then headed to target to look for some shoes and to get you an alarm clock for your room. We found 2 super cute pairs of shoes that fit your super wide feet:) We then found the CD player alarm clock I was looking for for your room because this past week you have been getting out of bed well before 6am, knocking on your door and calling 'mommy? mommy?'. We had to end this party now so now the rule is that if the music is playing on your alarm clock then its time to rise and shine! But if the music is not on and its quiet that means it is still night-night time. We'll see if it works!

After our target adventure we went to the avenues to go to stride rite, gymboree and claire's. Gigi got you 2 more pairs of shoes, a couple of outfits and beautiful hair bands for your beautiful hair! Pops and Gigi loves you very much girly (so do poppy and mimi!) and I'm so glad that you are here in GA to get to know them!

This evening you got to play with cousin momo and will and you had a BLAST! You just laughed and laughed... you were so psyched up tonight that you had a hard time getting to bed and it was an hour after your bed time!!! Well, I love you my princess and I'm glad I get to spend my days as your mom... taking care of you and Bean is the greatest thing in the world!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Party!!!

Hey Precious girl!
We had your birthday party today with Elmo every where! You were beautiful as usual and you played so great with your friends. You had quite a crowd of people here who love you very much: Mimi, Poppy, Gigi, Pops, Aunt Jenny, Selah, Levi, Aunt Rachel, MoMo, Will, Caroline, Katie B, Brett, Aunt Margaret, Jeannie Poo, Mr. Ger, Mrs. Eve, Michal and Nora Grey. You received way more than your fair share of gifts so I think we will weed through your toys and donate some to other children. I was so proud of you today and how well you shared your toys and how excited you were to just have your friends around. You had an Elmo birthday cake with ice cream and it was all over your face:) You swam with your pals in the kiddie pool and jumped on the blow-up jumper until I thought your legs might give out! It was a good day, wasn't it? You are loved!

I love your heart my sweet girl and I pray that this sweet presence that you have lasts forever! God has created a special person in you Zaya and I pray that I can be the parent that you need to help you to become the amazing person that you are quickly becoming. I love you and I love watching you grow!

Elmo balloon with Gigi (I couldn't have done this party with out her and KTB!)

Swimming with Michal, Nora Grey and Selah:

My jumping girl

Pretty dress with Mimi (jeannie Poo gave you that dress!)

Cake face!

More random pics:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!!

You're 2 years old!!!!!!!

I can't believe that my little girl is a two year old... its crazy how fast these years have gone. This past year has been a wild one for us: we moved to Minnesota after your first b-day and now we're back in marietta, you have gone from a quiet little thing to a chatty beautiful active little girl. You truly are beautiful and fun and I love watching you do your thing each day.

Your favorite things these days are pretending to talk on the phone, repeating everything that your dad and I say, making Bean laugh, playing in the sandbox or on the playground and playing with friends. The other day I heard you talking in the living room and you were saying, 'Hey, darlin. Thats what pops says' It was so cute and you were so happy just thinking about it. You are LOVING some Veggie Tales and singing songs with Larry, you ask to watch them all the time.

Your personality is beautiful and you are so gentle and kind with your friends, it makes me smile and I know it pleases God too. I love you my sweet princess and I am so excited for what this next year holds for this family of ours. I'm excited to watch you grow! You are a treasure!